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Looking for a transition in energy supply? We make sure that you get the most optimized, cleanest and smartest energy generation solutions.

Excelsa Energy, your energy solution partner

Energy intensive industries need reliable, economical and environmentally compatible supplies of power. Stop wasting your energy and become more efficient where it really matters; in your power plant, on your factory site, there where machines run every day, use energy every day but also waste energy every day.

Whatever you produce, our experts make sure that you get the best products and the most optimized, cleanest and smartest solutions for your energy supply. With this you can think of new ways of energy storage or supply, waste heat recovery through for example combined heat and power (chp) systems or finding the right alternative energy source.

Services in Energy Solutions


Power projects

To improve your business and manage your power plant in a more efficient and sustainable way, Excelsa Energy offers a wide range of energy consultancy services.

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Energy Efficiency

In 5 steps our experts take you to the best and most effective solution for your specific situation. We select the heat and power generation equipment you need by matching your demands with best demonstrated practices in the market and industry.

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Feasibility Studies

Your plant is your core business and competition is fierce. To reduce investment risks for renewable energy projects, hybrid and fossil fueled heat or power generation plants, it is important to get a clear and well-founded vision on all aspects of your energy requirements, investment risks and technical possibilities.

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Procurement Management

When you've done your research, made it through to the decision-making processes in your organization and allocated budget to make the needed transition, there is another tough and critical step to take: choose the right products and suppliers. Crucial for the success of your investment.

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The constantly increasing demands and allowances that need to be paid for CO2 emissions make reduction of those emissions more and more urgent. At the same time competition is strong and your output needs to become ever more effective.

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Investment in Renewables

Are you in an industry with permanent or rental power generation demand and are you looking for a more sustainable solution? Discover the possibilities with Excelsa Energy.

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Why choose Excelsa Energy?

What makes us unique is our multidisciplinary knowledge, team and network. Whatever your product or problem is, we will be able to offer or find the right expertise. We combine our experience from challenging energy generation projects with technical and financial up to date knowledge of different technologies, products and suppliers worldwide. Working with us means that you can concentrate on your core business, while we help you manage your energy supply!

Looking for a transition in energy management? We make sure that you get the most optimized, cleanest and smartest energy generation solutions.

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