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Energy transition services

In 5 steps our experts take you to the best and most effective solution for your specific situation. We select the heat and power generation equipment you need by matching your demands with best demonstrated practices in the market and industry.

Our team brings years of experience and application know-how within a wide range of industries to the table. We will study your whole energy generation and consumption process and find the best and most suitable customized solutions based on short- and long term pay back with the most environmental advantages. If it is about saving costs, process improvements, designing a new combined heat and power plant, optimizing your traditional plant, choosing and implementing renewables, fuel efficiency solutions, our engineers have you covered!

In 5 steps to the best possible result:

1. Measure & analyse the current energy consumption

2. Benchmark your data (internal or external)

3. Propose energy or emission reduction solution (waste heat recovery, energy storage, cogeneration/chp, renewables)

4. Implement products and solutions, procurement management

5. Monitoring & evaluate energy consumption to maximise the effect of your investments