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Energy Projects

To improve your business and manage your power plant in a more efficient and sustainable way, Excelsa Energy offers a wide range of energy and power generation services.

In our Energy and power generation projects we focus on increasing your business profit margins by reducing energy waste and at the same time complying with environmental requirements.

Our experts do this by finding tailored solutions that help you improve performance, lower risk, increase flexibility and realize better value from your plant and fleet assets.

Our power projects support covers:

  • Full power plant design from 10-100MW permanent or rental power generation plant, HV/LV
  • Hybrid, diesel, gas (Natural gas, LNG, CNG,associated gas, syngas, landfill gas etc.), biofuels, Heavy fuel oil, renewables (solar, battery storage etc.) energy sources
  • Combined cycle power plant
  • Cogeneration (CHP) plant
  • Power Plant operations and maintenance improvements
  • Fuel treatment solutions and skids
  • Exhaust treatment
  • Plant cost reduction solutions
  • Plant optimization solutions
  • Plant digitalization
  • Procurement management

Excelsa Energy can support you at any phase of the project e.g. designing, execution and/or operation.