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The Dutch power grid: a challenge for business growth and sustainability

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The Dutch power grid: a challenge for business growth and sustainability

The Dutch power grid is under heavy pressure due to increasing grid congestion. One third of the large companies and institutions in the Netherlands, such as those in Gelderland and the Eindhoven region, are in short supply. They use as much as 90% or more of their contracted grid capacity at peak times, leaving little room for growth or sustainability. Grid operators such as Liander and Enexis Group are increasingly intervening with threats of disconnection, lawsuits and penalty payments if companies cross borders.

Grid congestion: a brake on progress

Companies are faced with the dilemma of growing due to a full power grid or getting stuck in capacity limitations. Even sectors such as industry, logistics and distribution, where the demand for electricity is high, are experiencing problems. The full power grid not only hinders economic growth, but also the transition to sustainable energy. The demand for electricity is increasing, especially due to the rise of solar and wind energy, but the energy grid can hardly keep up with this growth.

Excelsa Energy: smart solutions for a sustainable future

In this challenging situation, Excelsa Energy offers innovative solutions. With our advanced Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), we help companies optimize their power consumption and create flexibility in the use of electricity. By generating and storing energy in batteries, companies can reduce their peak consumption and even store green energy for later use. This not only contributes to a more efficient energy grid, but also to a more sustainable energy future.

Working together on Energy Efficiency

The energy transition requires good cooperation between companies, grid operators and other stakeholders. By coordinating energy consumption and jointly investing in energy hubs, we can optimize grid capacity and better manage energy demand. Excelsa Energy is ready to facilitate this collaboration and help companies achieve their sustainability goals.

The Dutch power grid: a challenge for business growth and sustainability

The Dutch power grid faces major challenges, but with smart solutions and joint efforts we can overcome them. Excelsa Energy offers companies the opportunity to deal flexibly with grid congestion and make their energy consumption more efficient. Let’s work together towards a more sustainable future, where energy is available when we need it, without overloading the grid. Switch to smart energy solutions from Excelsa Energy today and create room for growth and sustainability.